Who want to live the longest ?

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Who want to live the longest ?

The recent Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging – that was organized on December 12-14 in Brussels by HEALES, the European Healthy Life Extension Society – was a smashing success!

[Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on the Longevity Alliance blog here:  http://longevityalliance.org/the-brussels-summit-of-longevity-activists/]

The scope and quality of presentations was outstanding, featuring world-class specialists and covering topics from healthy longevity theory to practice to politics. (All the conference presentations have been recorded and can be found here,  and the program is here.)

Theoretical questions of longevity were covered in the first day, including such themes as the general overviews of ageing theories, molecular damage in ageing, mitochondria and autophagy. The general panel on causes, mechanisms, and interventions in aging, featured Drs. Aubrey de Grey, David Gems, Kris Verburgh, and Diana Van Heemst, and was moderated by Sven Bulterijs of HEALES. Source : hplusmagazine.com

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