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Anticipation | Disruption | Relevance

? What ¿

We enable the Next

How to look beyond Now ?

How to anticipate the Next when time & expertise miss ? 

How to prepare future leaders to shape another Next ?

Our services are geared to « for and not-for-profit » organisation keen to challenge the status quo. 

We focus our future consultancy services on :  (I) Horizon Scanning : Horizon scanning is a systematic and creative process used to search out early signs of new trends, opportunities, and risks that might become important. Insights are used to develop solid strategies for anticipating future developments and thereby gain lead time.  (II) Scenario Building : Scenarios are “story” illustrating visions of possible future or aspects of possible future. They are not predictions. They are used both as an exploratory method or a tool for decision-making. 
We help our client Revisit  | Refresh  | Revamp  their strategy.  We design, facilitate and deliver experiential learning event ranging from strategic planning or IDEAtion workshops, “private lab”, symposiums, forum, speaking and networking events.
As your “task is not to foresee a sustainable future, but to create and enable it (*)we run in French and English tailor-made, in-house leadership development programs in five area critical to succeed in the 21st century :  (1) Foresight and future thinking (2) Creativity and Ideation (with partner) (3) Intuition (with partner) (4) Corporate Sustainability (5) Change Leadership

(*) Adapted from Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry

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