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China's Anti-Graft Campaign Shows No Signs of Slowing for 2015

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International luxury brands hoping for relief from the Chinese government’s anti-corruption campaign that began in 2012 shouldn’t hold their breath, according to a new official announcement asserting that it’s still going strong. Last week, the Communist Party’s Central Commission for Discipline (CCDI), the main office in charge of the campaign, announced that it would stretch at least through Chinese New Year in 2015 as it continues its “relentless punishment on officials’ extravagance and bribery,” according to the state-run Global Times. This includes not only luxury gifts, but entertainment, trips to private clubs, and travel financed with public money or bribes. In order to emphasize that the campaign is working, the CCDI and China’s...

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Earthbeat Responsible Gold Mining

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Young Swiss entrepreneur Guya Merkle launched Earthbeat, a foundation for responsible gold mining, in 2012 and is currently a driving force behind an attitude shift towards sustainably mined gold. After the sudden death of her father in 2007 Guya, then 21 years old, took over VIERI Haute Joaillerie SA in Switzerland, which has been family run for three generations. She belongs to this new generation of  determined businesswomen who want to obtain economic success in harmony with ethical principles. Every new collection during her leadership as CEO and owner has been produced from ethically correct gold. Guya is convinced, that « a jewel’s true beauty is indicated not by aesthetic standards alone, but also by its ethical quality ». Read the Full...

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How Sustainable Luxury Can Save The Planet

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Luxury goods prevent consumers from hurting the planet more argues Soren Petersen in a Huffington Post article. “When the iPhone 6 Plus sucks up three hundred dollars more of your purchasing power [compared to the iPhone 6], it prevents you from doing environmental harm with your cash somewhere else” says the author. As sustainable products “share the same “essential” qualities of luxury goods”, Petersen believes luxury brands are best positioned to promote sustainable behavior and change consumers’ attitudes. Read the Full Article     Register now for the Sustainable Luxury Forum...

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Financial Inclusion in Emerging Economies

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A Guardian seminar panel has addressed the delivery of accessible financial services to emerging economies, tackling issues such as digital payments, the role of women and reaching remote communities. New models of financial inclusion Digital payments were described as “truly revolutionary” for developing countries by Leora Klapper, but are not yet widespread – factory workers in Bangladesh are still taking three days to travel to pay their children’s school fees. Better connectivity and wider distribution of affordable broadband is needed to push these systems forward. Mobile banks and banking mobiles Banks and mobile operators are engaging in a power struggle over the unbanked. A growing number of banks are trying to replicate the success of...

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Millennials: Charity and Online Giving

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According to a recent article, Millennials adopt a different approach to charitable donations than their parents, with non-profit organisations being required to adjust in order to secure long-term funding. Scott Harrison, Founder of Charity: Water, considers distrust in charities and the perceived complexity of donating to be key obstacles faced by NGOs. The new generation seeks an emotional investment that extends beyond mere donation, with digital platforms and social media being crucial. Charity: Water is catering to this phenomenon through The Birthday Project.    Register for the Sustainable Luxury Forum...

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More Than 1,000 in Aceh Protest Ban on Illegal Gold Mining

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Source: Jakarta Globe Banda Aceh. Traditional gold miners in the Pidie district have slammed Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah’s recent ban on illegal gold mining, demanding that he proves claims that their activities cause environmental destruction. More than 1,000 traditional gold miners from the Geumpang and Mane subdistricts staged a protest against the new ban at the Geumpang bus terminal on Saturday. They spread a 50-meter-long white cloth dotted with their bloody fingerprints. “We will hand over this cloth to the Aceh governor as proof of our fight till the last drop of blood for our right to keep our gold mining businesses,” said Muhammad Abet, one of their leaders. Muhammad Nasir, a coordinator of the rally, also called on Zaini to annul the...

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#IHTLux : Respect, Sustainable, Charity, Philanthrocapitalism …

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Interesting outcome from 2012 IHT Luxury Conference on twitter. Respect, Sustainable, Charity, Philanthrocapitalism, Help, Give, 6/100 words mostly used in tweets. Charity, Sustainable, Give, 3/50 Sustainable, Give, 2/25 Some other tweets : « RT @LuxurySociety: #IHTLux @liviafirth believes Africa could become the world’s best sustainable, ethical & ecologically viable manufacturing centre » « @BLLNR: Main conclusion from Africa-focused #IHTLux : give a hand up, not a handout; offer work and training, not charity.#philanthrocapitalism » And ? … results to be taken with cautious … )                         Source : Wordcloud #IHTLux, Most tweeted keywords as of November...

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