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Centrifugal Forces

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Centrifugal Forces

July 15, 2016 South-Africa votes with China Against internet Freedom « Every day is a lifetime at the moment in terms of news flow »  It Takes More Than a Machine to Know You: Assistance In An Instrumented World Hillary Clinton and the Blockchain Only ten of the world’s top 1,000 universities are in Africa China announces « decisive » response to sea provocations  A new system of ethics is being born—through contrariness. The Heat : Pakistan-Afghan tensions   June 26, 2016 Britain Rattles Postwar Order and Its Place as Pillar of Stability What would happen if the US economy collapsed? Putin’s Next Potential Target: The Baltic States AIIB’s First Annual Meeting of its Board of Governors held in...

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Luxury brands turn to Africa as the next growth frontier

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Sales of luxury goods in Sub-Saharan Africa grew 35 percent in the 2008-2013 period and are projected to increase another 33 percent in the next five years a new Deloitte report says. The report lists urbanisation, economic development and increased affluence among the expanding middle class as the main drivers for this growth, and identifies South Africa and Nigeria as the region’s emerging markets. “Africa definitely provides a longer-term growth opportunity for luxury brands. The shifting appetite and behaviour of consumers in this segment will require luxury goods retailers to develop a sophisticated but uniquely African approach to reach and satisfy the growing demand for luxury goods in this segment,” says Rodger George, Africa Leader for Consumer...

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Sustainable Prosperity: New Challenges for Natural Resource Governance Theory in Africa

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Africa’s abundant natural resources have attracted significant investments in recent years, yet the experience of African states in translating these investments into equitable and sustainable economic growth remains varied. New trends and empirical data are leading policy makers, development practitioners and scholars to reassess the explanatory strength of various theoretical frameworks that address the relationship between resource wealth and development, and consider the implications for policy development in various natural resource sectors, including mining, oil and gas, forestry and fisheries. In response to these developments the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) convened a roundtable discussion under the theme Sustainable...

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China Exim Bank : des yuans pour l’Afrique

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Entre aide au développement et diplomatie du carnet de chèques, la banque chinoise d’import-export fait de plus en plus parler d’elle. Sur le continent, elle est même plus active que la Banque mondiale. Alors que la transition politique à la tête de la Chine s’annonce tendue, il est un poste stratégique que se disputent quelques dizaines de prétendants de haut rang : celui de directeur de la banque d’import-export China Exim Bank. Le poste, occupé depuis 2005 par Li Ruogu, ancien économiste du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et vice-gouverneur de la Banque centrale de Pékin, pourrait échoir à  un patron plus « politique ». Signe que China Exim Bank est désormais bien plus que le robinet à  crédits de l’empire...

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#IHTLux : Respect, Sustainable, Charity, Philanthrocapitalism …

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Interesting outcome from 2012 IHT Luxury Conference on twitter. Respect, Sustainable, Charity, Philanthrocapitalism, Help, Give, 6/100 words mostly used in tweets. Charity, Sustainable, Give, 3/50 Sustainable, Give, 2/25 Some other tweets : « RT @LuxurySociety: #IHTLux @liviafirth believes Africa could become the world’s best sustainable, ethical & ecologically viable manufacturing centre » « @BLLNR: Main conclusion from Africa-focused #IHTLux : give a hand up, not a handout; offer work and training, not charity.#philanthrocapitalism » And ? … results to be taken with cautious … )                         Source : Wordcloud #IHTLux, Most tweeted keywords as of November...

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Africa, Luxury, Power & Responsibility

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In the eve of the forthcoming IHT Luxury conference on « The promise of Africa, The power of the Mediterranean » some insights on the tremendous « business and socio-economic challenges » that luxury CEO will need to address when devising their African strategy. ============ Excerpt of article published on October 30, 2012 on  Christopher H. Cordey, founding director of the Sustainable Luxury Forum, asks what role could luxury companies play in solving societal issues in emerging countries Aside from the “200 hidden African billionaires (Templeton Emerging Market Group)”, who have most probably already established themselves outside of Africa, the real opportunity is the emergence of the new middle class throughout the continent. But...

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