Is SURAT (India) becoming the largest diamonds' laundering machine ?

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Legal or not — almost all diamonds pass through this one Indian city.


SURAT, India — The Gujarat Mail is just another red-eye train. Twelve powder-blue passenger cars crisscrossing, like so many hundreds of others, India’s northwestern breadbasket through the dark of night. At five minutes past two, the Mail begins its four-hour journey, lumbering south from Surat to Mumbai. Inside, the third-class cabins are equal parts scurrying roaches and dangling unwashed feet; fading monsoon rains that bleed through the iron-barred windows grant only fleeting mercies. A few hundred unwilling insomniacs are sandwiched together, helplessly sweating on filthy vinyl benches as the shrieking of the rails splinters dreams along every gentle bend. In this part of the world, it’s an utterly unexceptional journey.

Original article in Foreign Policy.  Article written and photo by Jason Miklian, a researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo. Sangeeta Rane contributed reporting.

Full pictures  – « where blood diamonds get cleaned before they end up on your finger », as mentioned in the foreign policy article.




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