Luxury in the Gulf : A sustainable future ?

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Luxury in the Gulf : A sustainable future ?

Intimate knowledge of the Middle East and its people is at the forefront of the Chalhoub Group’s business practices. The Group’s third white paper sets out to explore the region within and beyond the luxury industry to unveil an understanding of Gulf business, people and culture in the light of sustainability – crucial to all  those partnering with the region and its future.

Sustainability in the Gulf – a paradox?

Thanks to rapid economic advancement, the Gulf region now boasts among the highest GDP per capita in the world. Nonetheless, the region suffers from the highest youth unemployment rate.

The Gulf is no longer solely one of the world’s largest energy suppliers but is also now one of the world’s largest energy consumers. Yet masterplans of environmentally–friendly living, such as the first low–carbon sustainable city in the world, have found a home in the region.

Gulf shoppers have once again taken the top spot in terms of highest international spenders. At the same time, countries of the region rank amongst the top ten nations of foreign aid by volume in the world.

These three paradigms – economic, environmental and social – are at the heart of the region’s polarized, often paradoxical, approach towards sustainability.

Chalhoub White Paper – English version


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